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500 Lbs Commercial Ice Maker with Ice Bin Air Cooled LB500

  • Air Cooling Stainless Steel Ice Maker, 110 V / 60 Hz / 1200 W
  • Fully ETL (NSF) DOE ENERGY STAR certificated
  • Powerful SECOP Compressor for Rapid and Efficient Ice Making
  • Unique Ice Bin produced with Injected Process Technology
  • Heavy-Duty ss 304 Stainless Steel plus ABS Construction



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This ice machine mainly for commercial or home use, not suggested for industries or outdoor use. The ice capacity shall be related to the water and ambient temperature. When the water temperature is under 10°C / 50℉ and ambient temperature is under 21°C/ 69.8℉, the machine probably can make ice up to 250 kg / 550 lbs in 24 hours. The temperature of water and ambient is lower/higher, the ice production is relatively higher/lower. Unique Features

Powerful SECOP Compressor for Rapid and Efficient Ice Making – 550 lbs/24H (250kg) capacity, 13X18 ice tray for 234 clear cubes one cycle in 13-15 minutes. and equipped with all world-famous components, imported from France, Japan, the USA, Switzerland. etc. Fully ETL (NSF) DOE ENERGY STAR certificated. Unique Ice Bin produced with Injected Process Technology, the only one you could see in the market with the best food safety assurance. Heavy Duty ss 304 Stainless Steel plus ABS Construction. Automatic Control Panel for Easy Operation – Advanced multi-function automatic control panel with buttons which clearly show different functions. Come with well-considerate Accessories – This ice maker comes with a full set of accessories including a water filter for turn tap water into pure water, ice scoops, water supply hose, water supply connector, and a water draining hose.

  1. Always clean the environment around the ice machine and keep it clean.
  2. Clean the case with a mild detergent and wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  3. The filter element should be inspected regularly. The most common filter elements are replaced within six months.
  4. The water tank and refrigerator can be cleaned directly by cleaning the water pipe storage tank. Do not flush the upper part of the pump and ice directly to prevent leaching of the circuit.
  5. Winter maintenance: In addition to shutting off the water and power supply, the water tank of the ice machine is also required to drain the water of the inlet and outlet pipes.

Additional information

Weight 214.75 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 36.61 × 69.29 in

Technical Specifications

Electronic 110V / 60Hz / 1200W
Outside Dimensions (WXDXH) 31″ x 36.61″ x 69.29″
Net Weight 177.97 lbs
Gross Weight  214.75 lbs
Body Material 304 Stainless Steel / ABS Plastic
Compressor Brand Secop (Germany Brand)
Refrigerant R290
Ice Type Cube Ice (0.9″)
Ice Making Capacity 550 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity  440 lbs
Ice Tray 13 x 18 pcs
Condensation Air Cooling
Warranty 1-Year for Parts and Labor

Download: Spec Sheet

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