MXDC-4 Maxx Cold Curved Glass Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet Freezer, 5.8 cu. ft. Storage Capacity, in White

Product Overview;

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Maxx Cold MXDC-4 Ice Cream Freezers & Dipping Cabinets / 31.5 Inches Wide Curved Glass Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, Freezer holds up to 12 Flavor Tubs (164L)

The ice cream dipping cabinet provides:

  • Plenty of storage (164L)

  • Exposed visible tubs (Capacity of holding 12 ice cream tubs)

  • The back also features a shelf for holding ice cream cones

  • The freezer comes equipped with two flat tempered sliding doors. Because of this features, the operator can access easily and quickly the content of the freezer.

Moreover, the unit is highly energy efficient:

  • It comes with a heat-reflective thick environmentally friendly insulation simple use manual controller precisely consistent temperatures keeping cold desserts at perfect consistency

  • This ice cream dipping cabinet assists you in providing the best service to customers

  • The temperature is easy to view on the exterior of the freezer because of the digital thermometer display.

  • The lids have locks and keys to secure the content of the ice cream cabinet when left unattended.

    Additionally, this refrigerated dipping cabinet is designed with interior led lights which make its content appealing to your customers.

    Furthermore, the top sneeze guard allows customers not only see your products from all angles but provides sanitary protection of all internal contents against germs.

      Lastly, here are additional top features of the ice cream cabinet:

      • The 2 sliding door's top is tampered

      • Their premium features include a heated molded plastic lid frame which prevent frost build-up

      • A condensate evaporator pan

      • Floor drain

      • Locking casters for mobility

      • Large capacity 

      • l has removable rubber bumper guards

      • The cabinets be customized with graphics

      • Maxx Cold ice cream dipping cabinets can be customized with graphics and Zeroll and Maxx Cold Ice Cream Freezer accessories including: #XCDBASKET Triple 5 Liter Pan Gelato Holder, #XDCGPAN-5 Five Liter Gelato Pans, #XDCWELL Dipper Well and XDCBASKETN3 Hanging Novelty Basket.

      Because of all the features on Maxx Cold ice cream freezer & dipping cabinet, this is the perfect solution to display and serve ice cream products. The unit provides sanitary, efficient way to serve your customers.

      This model is a great value and a durable construction. It provides a cost-effective solution to your operations. No need to buy a used ice cream dipping cabinet to save on expenses. 

      This freezer is designed for: 

      • Ice cream parlors

      • Restaurants

      • Sorbet and gelato shops

      • Cafes

      • Concession stands

      The curved glass ice cream display cabinet can hold:

      • Hand-dipped ice cream

      • Frozen candy bars

      • Popsicles

      • Ice cream sandwiches

      • Other delicious treats

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