Chef AAA carries many brands of 3 door commercial refrigerators, but our top 2 in no order are as follows:

The Chef AAA - T83F Reach In 3 Door Commercial Freezer:

The Chef AAA - T83F reach-in commercial 3 door freezer is another standout option. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance without sacrificing style, it features three doors adorned with high-quality brushed stainless steel both internally and externally. The recessed door handles not only contribute to a clean aesthetic but also improve ergonomics.

This freezer's 3/4+3/4 HP heavy-duty compressor, strategically bottom mounted, ensures efficient cooling, while digital temperature controls with LED display allow precise adjustments. The automatic defrosting function promotes energy efficiency and maintains optimal temperature levels.

The design offers 12 adjustable and removable wire shelves, making storage customization and maintenance effortless. With four locking swivel casters, this freezer is highly maneuverable. The use of R290 natural refrigerant aligns with eco-friendly practices, and the inclusion of features like self-cleaning condenser and energy conserving fan control enhance its overall appeal.

The combination of advanced features, durability, and thoughtful design makes both the Dukers D83R-GS3 reach-in refrigerator and the Chef AAA - T83F reach-in commercial freezer stand out as top choices for commercial establishments seeking reliable and high-performing refrigeration solutions.



The Dukers D83R-GS3 Reach-In Commercial 3 Door Refrigerator:

The Dukers D83R-GS3 reach-in refrigerator stands out as a top choice due to its exceptional design and functional features. Crafted to accommodate diverse business needs without compromising on aesthetics, this refrigerator boasts three tempered glass doors accented with premium brushed stainless steel for both the interior and exterior. The attention to design makes it compatible with a range of décors.

Beyond its appearance, the D83R-GS3 offers outstanding performance. With a bottom-mounted self-contained refrigeration system and compressor, it ensures efficient cooling. The digital controls, complete with LED display, allow precise temperature adjustment. The auto-defrost feature not only contributes to energy savings but also maintains colder temperatures.

The inclusion of 12 epoxy-coated wire shelves offers flexibility and easy maintenance. The self-closing doors enhance convenience, while the interior LED lighting illuminates the contents. The refrigerator's 64.8 cubic feet capacity and thoughtful design elements, such as adjustable locking casters for easy mobility, make it an excellent choice for various commercial settings.


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