Chef AAA - 1.2BDQ, Commercial 46" 12 Pan Gelato Display Freezer Case

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Product Overview;

Voltage / Hertz: 110v/60Hz
Pan Capacity: 12 Pans
NSF/ETL Certified: Not Certified
Temperature Range: (℃):≤-18 Degrees C
Product Size: (WxDxH): 46″ x 27″ x 48″

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Product Overview

  • The appearance of luxury design.
  • Large volume, large display area, very suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, store, display of fresh ,frozen food.
  • Toughened glass of hot reflex plated film, light and flexible, mobile convenience, insulation performance is good.
  • With thick insulation, imported polyurethane foam insulation materials and energy saving probice electricity.
  • Inside the box embossed aluminum sheet, rapid cooling, strong corrosion resistance.
  • Flat light box design, in line with the principle of ergonomics.
  • Using the world famous brand compressor, refrigeration fast, low noise, long service life.
  • Wide climate types, wide voltage range, wide storage temperature of the “three wide”design, in accordance with national conditions.
  • Reveal ark adopts double compressor, double cooling system design, fast refrigeration, power saving.
  • Good quality products of our company, confirmed by product quality supervision and inspection for product quality inspection units, and with product quality inspection certificate.
  • Refrigeration product standards for safety performance perform GB4706.1-92, GB4706.13-1998; Performance criteria S series, G series adopts standard JB/T 7244-7244, Q series the SB-142-144-84 standard.


Connect Power and Operation


  • Power requirements AC 97 - 140 V/50Hz, if the power supply voltage fluctuations, should re-provision suitable automatic voltage regulator.
  • Must provide a separate display cabinets for three-prong outlet and a suitable fuse not use multi-socket.
  • When the power plug, the plug should be armed, not the cord.
  • Display cabinets must install reliable ground, ground and not gas pipes, water connections, nor borrow zero single-phase power line.
  • After completion of the above work, the power, check the compressor and the fan is running, red, green light is normal. Half hour later the temperature inside should be decreased. Machine works, such as the inside temperature of about one hour to fully cool before put items.


Showcase Thermostat Adjustment


  • Red is the power indicator, red light when the power is turned on.
  • Green is the work light, green light when the compressor is working.
  • Showcase thermostat is factory adjusted common position, it is recommended that users do not adjust. If users need to adjust the temperature, lower the temperature inside the clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of the inside temperature rises.
  • Thermostat from 1 - 7 small to large temperature gets colder, the user can be different depending on the type of food stored, the corresponding adjustment thermostat stalls, fresh and frozen foods to reach the goal.




  • For your safety, before cleaning showcase please unplug the power cord.
  • Often wide with a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge dipped neutral detergent showcase, with a cloth after cleaning, do not scrub with a strong organic solvent soluble.
  • With a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the condense compressor dust to ensure good cooling effect display cabinet each month.
  • If the display cabinet not using for a ling time, please cut off the power, according to the above method for cleaning, and dry storage lid.


Food Freezing Methods


  • Display cabinet can not put too much food once, the machine is not conducive to freezer food is put too much items one time, it may affect the quality of food freeze.
  • Plug in the power, the compressor to work, when fully cooled after confirming the cabinet, and then into the frozen foods.
  • Hot food take frozen, should be put to cool to room temperature. Otherwise it will affect the quality of other food preservation and increase the power consumption.
  • Should be separated by a gap between food appropriate to facilitate air flow.
  • Food placed in display cabinets before application toxic food bags packed, both to prevent moisture loss in food, but also to prevent odor, while avoiding contamination showcase.
  • Place frozen food should be classified, the same food together for a ling time to open the door to avoid unnecessary rummaging in order to reduce cooling loss, reduces power consumption.
  • 120mm glass door freezer within the range of temperature instability region, temperature ≥-12 ℃, ask the user for proper storage of food in accordance with the requirements.
  • Food air-cooled fresh cabinet, storage items can not be placed too high, too full to prevent air passage is blocked and can not be fully cooled items.
  • Items can not be placed on the front and rear air, in order to avoid air duct blockage, causing poor refrigeration or cooling.




  • When the frost layer showcase within reach 4-6 mm, should defrost, if the frost layer is too thick will affect the display cabinet cooling effect, increasing the power consumption.
  • Do not use metal blunt defrost, do not use heat defrost.
  • Cud off the power, open the door, remove the frozen food, gently scrape the frost layer with a blunt object, after the discharge of sewage, with a dry cloth, and then continue to use power.

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