Chef AAA CV-180 72" Refrigerated Flat Glass Bakery Display Case

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Unleash the power of precision cooling and elevate your culinary presentation with the Chef AAA CV-180 72" Refrigerated Flat Glass Bakery Display Case. Crafted for durability, efficiency, and showcasing excellence, this refrigerated display case is the pinnacle of innovation.

Key Features:

  • Copper Evaporator: Engineered with a highly durable and corrosion-resistant copper evaporator, the CV-180 guarantees lasting performance, ensuring your products stay at optimal temperatures.

  • Digital Temperature Controls with LED Display: Take command of your display environment with digital temperature controls, precisely adjusting settings via the LED display. Achieve the perfect conditions for showcasing your culinary masterpieces.

  • Auto Defrost Function: The automatic defrosting system guarantees consistent and optimal performance, preventing frost buildup to preserve the freshness of your displayed items day in and day out.

  • Temperature Range 33 ~ 41°F: Keep your products consistently fresh within a temperature range of 33 to 41°F, creating an ideal climate for deli items, desserts, and other perishables.

  • R290 Natural Refrigerant: Experience faster cool-down times and efficient energy consumption with R290 Natural Refrigerant, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable refrigeration practices.

  • Side Glasses: Enhance visibility from all angles with side glasses, providing a panoramic view of your showcased items. Attract customers with an appealing and tempting display.

  • Interior and Canopy LED Light: Illuminate your offerings with precision using the interior and canopy LED lighting. The conveniently placed switch on the right side allows you to control the lighting, ensuring your products are always presented at their best.

  • Tempered Glass: Built with tempered glass, the display case offers shatter resistance, temperature resilience, and safety, providing durability and peace of mind.

Transform your space into a culinary masterpiece with the Chef AAA CV-180 72" Refrigerated Flat Glass Bakery Case. Combining advanced technology, durability, and a sleek design, this refrigerated showcase is the ultimate choice for businesses committed to excellence in product presentation.

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