Goshen Commercial Cube Ice Machine (90 KG)

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  1. International Commercial Low-Medium Temperature Compressor: This component serves as the heart of the refrigeration system, maintaining desired low to medium temperatures for commercial and industrial applications.

  2. Food-Grade Silicone Pipe Set (NSF Certified): Our system incorporates NSF-certified food-grade silicone pipes, ensuring safety and hygiene in the transportation of fluids, making it ideal for applications where contact with food or beverages may occur.

  3. Intelligent Water Saving and Drainage System: Our system is equipped with intelligent water-saving and drainage features, designed to optimize water usage and efficient drainage, making it particularly valuable for applications where water management is critical.

  4. DANFOSS Expansion Valve: We utilize reliable DANFOSS expansion valves to precisely control the flow of refrigerant in the system, ensuring consistent temperature and pressure regulation.

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