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  1. International Commercial Low-Medium Temp Compressor: This is likely the heart of a refrigeration system. Compressors are responsible for compressing refrigerant gases, raising their temperature and pressure, and then releasing them into the condenser where they release heat and turn into a high-pressure liquid.

  2. Food Grade Silicon Pipe Set (NSF Certified): This suggests that the system uses silicon pipes for transporting fluids, such as refrigerants or water, and these pipes are certified as "food grade" by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Food-grade materials are suitable for use in applications where contact with food or beverages may occur, ensuring safety and hygiene.

  3. Intelligent Water Saving and Drainage: This feature likely refers to a system that is designed to efficiently manage water usage and drainage. It could be important for systems like ice machines, where water is used in the process and needs to be managed effectively to minimize waste.

  4. DANFOSS Expansion Valve: Danfoss is a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning components, including expansion valves. Expansion valves are crucial in regulating the flow of refrigerant in a cooling system, helping to control temperature and pressure.

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