ST16RELW High quality table top ice cream maker soft ice cream machine

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  1. Integral Stretch Stainless Steel Hopper: This suggests that the product has a hopper made of stainless steel, which may be used for holding or dispensing something. The term "integral stretch" could refer to a seamless or one-piece design for added durability.

  2. 7-Inch Touch Screen: This feature indicates that the product has a touchscreen interface that measures 7 inches diagonally. Touchscreens are commonly used in various electronic devices for user interaction and control.

  3. Removable Water Leakage Holder: It seems that this feature is related to managing or containing water leakage. The term "removable" suggests that this component can be easily taken out and cleaned or replaced, which could be helpful for maintenance purposes.

  4. Stainless Steel Beater Makes This Salsey: It appears that stainless steel beaters are used in

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