Turbo Air - PRO-50R-RI-N, Commercial 66" 2 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator PRO Series Roll-in Two-Sections 81.87 cu.ft

Turbo Air - PRO-50R-RI-N, Commercial 66" 2 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator PRO Series Roll-in Two-Sections 81.87 cu.ft

Turbo Air

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  • Turbo Air - PRO-50R-RI-N, Commercial 66" 2 Solid Door Reach-in Refrigerator PRO Series Roll-in Two-Sections 81.87 cu.ft


    Self-Cleaning Condenser

    The accumulation of dust in the condenser can cause the failure or breakdown of refrigerators. Refrigerators run normally until they reach a certain level of accumulation. At some point, when they are over the limit, their performance drops quickly resulting in damage to, or disposal of the stored products inside. The Self-Cleaning Condenser device keeps the condenser clean and prevents system failure by automatically brushing daily.

    Digital temperature control & monitor system

    • Keep food products safe by maintaining constant temperatures.
    • Alarms that sound when doors are not sealed shut; protect against food spoilage that originates from cold air leaks.
    • Early warning alarm program detects issues before malfunction occurs.
    • Digital display allows for easy monitoring.
    • Programs interpret the condition of refrigeration systems by self-diagnosis.
    • Rapid cool-down function (Turbo cooling).
    • Automatic evaporator fan motor delays.
    • Sensitive touch display.

    Hydrocarbon refrigerants (R-290)

    With innovative and eco-friendly technology, Turbo Air brings you hydrocarbon refrigerators designed to meet DOE's Energy Conservation Standards in 2017 and to use EPA's SNAP Program approved HC refrigerants. Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not deplete the ozone layer and have very low contribution to global warming (ODP-0, GWP-3).

    Cold air distribution system

    Provides uniformly maintained temperature within the food zone.

    Hot gas condensate system

    Through Turbo Air’s creative innovation, the condensate system surfaces have been specially treated to resist corrosion. This not only increases efficiency without the risk of refrigerant leakage from corrosion, but also prevents the overflow of condensate water.

    All stainless steel cabinet construction

    The PRO series model boasts a stainless steel interior and a 22 gauge stainless steel exterior (galvanized steel top, bottom). It guarantees the utmost in cleanliness and long product life. The PRO series model adds a touch of style to the most refined setting.

    High-density polyurethane insulation

    The entire cabinet structure and solid doors are foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.

    USB temperature data storage

    Plug in a USB flash drive into the built-in USB port to store raw temperature data while the unit is operating. Raw data can be processed via Turbo Air's website, which plots it on a convenient date and time versus temperature graph. Owners can analyze their unit's performance to ensure stable temperatures during peak usage and detect any temperature anomalies.

    Thermostatic expansion valve

    Built to maintain NSF standard temperatures in 100°F ambient

    Refrigerator holds 33°F ~ 38°F for the best in food preservation

    Lifetime guaranteed heavy duty hinges and handles

    LED interior lighting


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  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Additional 4 Year Warranty on Compressor

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