Turbo Air TOM-60DXB-N 60" Vertical Open Air Cooler w/ (5) Levels, 115v

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Turbo Air TOM-60DXB-N Description

The Turbo Air TOM-60-DXB-N vertical open display case maintains cold temperatures with R-290 refrigerant; temperatures are monitored by a solar-powered digital thermometer. The refrigeration system creates an air curtain to ensure products stay in the safe zone. Since the refrigeration system is self-contained, the components are accessible for maintenance and the unit can be easily installed. Dust buildup on the condenser is removed every day by a self-cleaning device, preventing premature system failures caused by overheating.

Four 5714-inch-by-16-inch shelves holds the displayed product, while the glass front shield and side walls provide an unobstructed view of the contents from any angle. The interior of the Turbo Air TOM-60-DXB-N vertical open display case is illuminated by LED lights, so products are easy to see. Since the front of the unit is open, customers can skip the step of opening a door, making it quick and simple to grab what they want and go. Both of these design features can help increase impulse purchases.

Product Details

  • Comes with a black exterior to suit a number of businesses
  • Tempered glass front shield and walls offer a clear view of the product from various angles
  • LED lighting keeps the interior lit up for visibility
  • 4 shelves each measure 5714 in. W x 16 in. D
  • Improved air flow with the perforated interior back wall and top
  • Night curtain is included to take pressure off the air curtain
  • High-density polyurethane insulation adds structure while retaining cold air

Self-Contained Refrigeration System

  • Cold temperatures are maintained by the R-290 refrigerant
  • Interior temperatures are monitored with a solar-powered digital thermometer
  • Digital electronic thermostat has a defrost control
  • System failures caused by dust accumulation are prevented since the condenser is automatically cleaned daily
  • Corrosion-resistant evaporator coating provides durability
  • Easily install and maintain the self-contained system

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